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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Social Phobia (Park Ha Young LIEC 107)

< Social Phobia >
201410104 Park Ha Yeong

Hi:) My name is Park Ha Yeong and I am sophomore. I would like to introduce a korean movie I watched last weekend with my friend. Have you heard of 'Social Phobia'? It is a combination of the words Social Network Service(SNS) and Phobia. SNS like twitter, facebook, kakaotalk and so on is essential in our life. This movie shows influences of SNS interestingly.

First, I want to tell you a storyline of this movie. Lena posted hateful comments about a suicide of a soldier. It became rapidly widespread through the SNS. Even some netizens also posted malicious comments to her and planned to punish her under the name of justice. They traced her personal information and gathered to break in her apartment with a camera played as a live. However when they entered her house, they found her dead body. Many people blamed them for her death. Because they gave her a extreme stress. Two of them were preparing for being a policeman. Ji woong and Yong min heard that it would go against them. Therefore they insisted her death was a murder. They tried to find evidences that support their insistence.

I think their action to trace her was not righteous. It wasn't justice but selfishness. Ji woong and Yong min behaved because of their benefit. It was just 'witch hunt'. People tend to express their feelings on the Internet too easily without considering those influences on others. In addition, the expressions are usually cruel and harsh. I think it is invisible violence. A development of the Internet has both merits and demerits. It is important to utilize the good things and be careful in an anonymous place. I hope that we will become more considerate in real life and on social network service(sns). I usually watch movies just for fun. However, I considered messages of this movie and it was very interesting. I am not very good at writing yet so I am concerned about getting my ideas acrossㅠ_ㅠ. I would like to express my thought effectively and communicate with others in English. Therefore I will practice this kind of activities and participate in your class actively. Thanks for reading my multimedia journal assignment!

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