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Monday, March 16, 2015

Family Introduction

This is a guest post from Koo Min Woo for his multimedia journal assignment:

Hello, Professor. I am Koo min woo.
First, I am really happy to meet you.
Because it’s my first journal, I would like to tell you about my family.
Now let’s begin. To your surprise, my family consists of 5 members: dad, mom, younger brother, sister and me.

My dad is our good cook. Do you know why? Because, when he often makes a dish, our family members enjoy a meal.  
But, it doesn’t mean that my mother is not at cooking.
His hobby is watching a baseball game.
Despite of living in Pusan, he is a fan of Samsung. Of course, I am Giants’ fan
This makes a trouble, you can imagine I think.  You’re right!  
When we sometimes watch the baseball game, we support other team.
But we don’t care whether which team win. We just enjoy together.
Also, when I have a trouble, he listens to my worry carefully and offers a solution
So, I am very thankful to him for everything.

Second member, my mother is an ordinary housewife but my brother and I call her a wonder woman.
Why do you call her? You can ask me like that.
Although she loves socializing and she’s always out meeting people, she manages to keep the house spotless. So we call her like that.
Her hobby is cooking and shopping.
The funny thing is that she often takes me and my brother to the mart and department store as a porter.
As she is very humorous, I like to talk with her.

Third member is my brother. He is 20 years old and he wants to be a
Chef of Western food
So, he is now at cookery school at Seoul and lives in dormitory.
Unlike me, he likes exercise so he plays soccer every weekend.
And because he is interested in clothes, he has many clothes and often goes shopping.
I ‘am not interested in clothes so I have a few clothes.
Sometimes, secretly I wear my brother’s clothes but he doesn’t know as he has many clothes.
Now, as he isn’t at home, I can’t do that.  I miss him sometimes.

Fourth member is my cute sister. She is 13 years old.
When both of my parents work in the past, I often took care of her.
As a baby, she is very cute and beautiful but now… uncertain.
In my eye, she is still cute.
She loves puppy so she often asks me “could you buy a puppy?”
I want to buy her a puppy but we live in apartments so we can’t.
As she has played piano for 4 years, she plays the piano well.
Lastly, it’s about me.
I am 24 years old and about a month ago, I finished army.
So, I have a lot of plans like travels and going abroad for studying,
For all of these plans, I have to earn the money. So I am planning to get a part time job in summer vacation.  
My hobby is listening to music.
Because ballad music makes me relaxed and I can relieve study-related stress by listening to music, I often listening to music on my way home after class.
My favorite singer is Younha.
Because her voice is very clear, it makes me feel better.

Because my family members have various hobbies and characters, we have a lot of conversation each other and often have a joke.
Sometimes, although we conflicted in the opinions, we resolve that and then have a enjoy life.

Thanks for listening to my story.  

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