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Low Intermediate English Communication 101
Low Intermediate English Communication 105
Low Intermediate English Communication 106
Low Intermediate English Communication 107
High Intermediate English Communication 109
TESOL Communication 1

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Show and Tell Presentations

When preparing your Show and Tell Presentations, please remember to follow these five steps:

1. Choose Your Topic from the textbook

2. Research Your Topic on the internet, in books, magazines, radio, TV, etc.

3. Write Your Presentation, using Key Vocabulary and Key Grammar

4. Prepare some Visual Aids like a PPT, music, video, or props


Remember, when you are preparing, consider the ten criteria to be evaluated:
Well prepared
Smooth presentation
Good body language
Good pacing
Props or visual aids used well
Covers topic well
Uses key vocabulary
Uses key grammar
Understandable language

You can watch Ren's video again by clicking THIS LINK

LIEC 107
Monday 4/27: Kim Seulgi, Yi Mingyang
Wednesday 4/29: Zhang Yuxi, Kang Soo Hyun
Monday 5/4: Choi Young Eun, Oh Chae Won, Gu Hee Yun, Park Hee Soo
Wednesday 5/6: Myeong Yoonji, Koo Minwoo
Monday 5/11: Zhao Yue, Jin Gyeong, Soran, Ha Yeong
Wednesday 5/13: Jo Hwanjun, Jeong Jonghwan
Monday 5/18: Gyeong Je, Gi Tae, He Meng Yuan

HIEC 109
Monday 5/4: Ma Minting, Liu FangLin, Hu Junlan, Zhang Jing
Monday 5/11: Huang Shimeng, Jung-min, Oh Minji

LIEC 105
Tuesday 4/28: Kwang Hyun Kim, Chang Rok Lee, Jeong Ha Yeon
Thursday 4/30: Young Eun Son, Jung Jae Hoon, On You Kim
Thursday 5/7: Hye Eun Kim, Lee Seo-kyoung, Sung Min-gyeong
Tuesday 5/12: Hyun Soo Lee, Zhang Yi, Yun So Hyun
Thursday 5/14: Song Yaohui, RaeHa Lee, Gang Hee Lee
Tuesday 5/26: Junyoung Jang, Park Joo Eun, Yu Jee Yoon
Thursday 5/28: Jeon Hye-lim

LIEC 106
Tuesday 4/28: Jay Nam, Jiyeon Yu, Jiseon Lee
Thursday 4/30: Jeong Bo-seok
Thursday 5/7: Seyoung Park, Seoyoung Kim, Seong Kyu Park
Tuesday 5/12: Choi Yeon-Ji, Lee Sang-Eun, Park Jung Hyun
Thursday 5/14: Choi Bi Seong, Yeom Ji Young, Kim Seong Bin
Tuesday 5/26: Choi Eun Kyung, Kim Tae Yeol, Park Eun Sung

LIEC 101
Wednesday 4/29: Jun Sung Kwon, Yesol Lee, Uiju Yeo
Friday 5/1: Yang Hyeong Woo, Sang Hyun Son
Wednesday 5/6: Ko Eunjeong, Jeong Yeonseo, Park Seyun, Park Jueun
Friday 5/8: Liang Yingyin, Moon Jieun
Wednesday 5/13: Lee Jiyoung, Kim Kyoung Ha, Yoon Juhee, Kim Hyeonji
Friday 5/15: Hong Jeong Hee, Choi Do Na
Friday 5/22: Park Jun Yeong, An Hyun Jeong

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